Parent Communication

We use technology to support our staff and parent communication with a daily reporting application that functions on all Smart devices. Instead of filling out paper forms, teachers use this intuitive app to document children's sleep, eating habits, activities, etc. It even allows teachers to take photos and videos of memorable moments! 

Teachers will send out updates throughout the day to parent using this application and provide updates around classroom activities, naps, food and general updates

Parent would also be able to reach out to classroom teachers for any questions or providing update on early pickup or late drop-off etc.

Parent would also be able to use this app to check-in and checkout child using touchless feature.

Weather Policy

The safety of the children is our first concern in the event of severe weather. Parents will be instructed by the school, using text messages, emails, web site updates and/or social media channels to provide school closing information, if there is inclement weather and it is determined that the school will not open or if school is closing early. We would most likely align our decision with Local School District Closure policy due to inclement weather but we will always inform you in advance for any closures. Again the decision would be based on considering the safety of children and our staff as first priority.

Tuition Payment

We are dedicated to maintaining a supportive and friendly environment for our families.  We provide multiple options to pay your child’s tuition. We accept Credit Cards, Checks, and ACH for tuition payments. Parent will be sent invoice for upcoming tuition and parents would be able to pay it directly online using their preferred method of payment.  All tuition would be due before the start of new billing cycle.

Food Policy

We do provide morning snacks, breakfast and afternoon snacks for all children but we don't provide lunch to children so we ask all parents to pack some kind of light lunch for your child. We would also need to know if you want the lunch to be warmed before serving so we can definitely warm it before serving to your child. We will work with all parent to better understand child's food allergy or special diet need to work on that.