Toddler Program

In our Toddler program, our teachers form strong, caring relationships with your toddler and guide them through learning experiences that stimulate their development and reinforce the skills they’re taught at home.

We understand the unmatched energy and curiosity of toddlers. As such, we are confident our program fills their day with challenging and engaging activities to build on previous knowledge and present them with new opportunities to grow.

As children grow from infants to toddlers, they undergo several major rapid developmental changes that support their increasing independence. First, during this period a child moves from crawling to walking and running. This newfound mobility allows children to explore with increasing curiosity. We understand that It can be challenging to both support their growing curiosity and also monitor their safety, with discipline struggles emerging as well. At this stage children’s sense of self is also developing, along with their likes and dislikes. Perhaps one of the most significant milestones is children’s ability to use words to communicate their wants and needs. Children can now communicate their wants and needs using simple words like yes, no, and want.

Below are the thing we provide to little learners:

  • Building Language — We start teaching some basic communication along with Sign Language program, which has been shown to help with nonverbal and eventual verbal communication. Our teachers help transition your toddler from nonverbal to verbal by modeling conversations, teaching sign language and helping them identify familiar people and objects by name. Repeating words and phrases, like “please” and “thank you” and learning to elaborate on nonverbal requests. Your child will be able to effectively communicate their needs with caregivers and peers, leading to more met needs and a more nurturing environment

  • Stories and Songs — Entertaining stories coupled with a variety of silly, fun songs help your toddler’s imagination continue to grow while they learn those important skills needed for the next developmental level

  • Creativity — We offer age-appropriate learning centers for your toddler as they explore their abilities in music, art, early literacy, pretend play and more

  • Fine and Gross Motor Skills — We know that an active body is a healthy body while playing indoors or outdoors on our large, age-separated play spaces. Whether a child is learning to walk, running at full speed, reaching for the monkey bars or simply tossing a ball to a friend, they will learn all about their body and celebrate accomplishments both great and small. Help them build fine motor skills by painting with brushes and making play dough by mixing ingredients together with their hands.

  • Social Interaction — We create a safe, supportive and encouraging environment to explore their emotions in a healthy manner. Your toddler will participate in activities designed to help them identify feelings and foster relationships with friends and caregiver.

  • Daily Parent Reports Keep parents informed about their child’s daily activities is very important for us.