Preschool Program

Our Preschool Program provides your child with the environment, nutrition, safety, and tools they need to keep their active minds growing and learning . We foster creativity in an environment that encourages curiosity and exploration.

We understand your eager preschooler is ready to go all the time. Rest assured, our program is well-equipped for this energy and constant thirst for knowledge through our accelerated learning Preschool program .

Below are the thing we focus on while helping our preschoolers grow in their early years:

  • Character development — Emotional, behavioral, and social skills are developed through our program to help your child grow into a healthy, happy, and well-adjusted citizen

  • Vocabulary — At this stage children in our program will learn to build and grow their vocabulary in preparation for Kindergarten and beyond

  • Social-emotional activities Preschoolers will learn how to display their emotions and interact with their peers and teachers as they grow. Our program is developed to further guide your child’s social-emotional growth through positive interactions with those around them

  • Reading and Writing skills — Learning to read is an exciting time in a child’s life! Your preschooler will start putting their alphabet skills to work as we learn to read together in groups and individual times along with developing the basic writing skills at this age

  • Problem-solving skills — Starting at this age, children learn to anticipate, decide, and solve the problems in front of them and around them along with react to their surroundings. Our program offers them a safe, nurturing environment for them to begin building these important skills

  • Social Interaction — We create a safe, supportive and encouraging environment to explore their emotions in a healthy manner. Using small group time to explore new concepts and activities increases your preschooler’s chances to explore with positive guidance while learning to cooperate and work together with their peers

  • Daily Parent Reports Keep parents informed about their child’s daily activities is very important for us.