Educational Excellence

Our STEAM based comprehensive core curriculum is designed to empower your child to learn through playing and exploring with a purpose. Our learning methods combines play based activities, hands on activities, and STEAM based weekly learning activities.

Emphasize Right Steps In Early Years of Growth

At 7 Steps Learning Academy, Children will use all five senses to explore their world to get ready with skills required to enter kindergarten.

With our easy seven steps based curriculum domain, children will develop and grow step by step from infant to Pre-K.

Our program provides a solid foundation for optimum development.

There are seven essential components to our educational programs:

  • Language and Reading

  • Social and emotional development

  • Science Activities to create learning excitement among young minds

  • Technology Learning using Smart Boards, iPads etc

  • Engineering oriented small projects for Preschoolers and Pre-K programs

  • Arts Programs to play with colors, papers and creativity

  • Math Learning to improve analytical skills from very young age

Our learning programs are well aligned with State of Colorado Early Learning guidelines.

Our curriculum and teaching style uses below key strategies to help children feel safe and supported during the process of learning and transition.

  • Maintain Routines. Help children to learn and manage transitions by establishing predictable and familiar routines.

  • Be Responsive. Respond as quickly as possible in a predictable and consistent manner. Responding to children’s needs in a timely and consistent way helps to develop secure relationships, which are critical during transitions. Develop trust and relationships with a familiar adult to allow children to explore more comfortably and build attachments in new environment. Additionally, secure relationships help build children’s self-efficacy to communicate their needs to adults and peers and believe that others will respond to their needs.

  • Use Visuals. Children’s ability to both understand and use language can impact how they transition. Knowing children’s receptive and expressive language skill level and the language(s) they speak is helpful to understand how to support them. We use lot of visual aids to help all children, not just those with limited language skills. Visuals will help children better prepare for the changes that are coming next. Change can be easier to accept when we know what is coming.

  • Be a Role Model. We help children develop their own coping skills by modeling positive social behavior during times of stress. We try to Model the use of words to describe feelings.